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Nick almighty

(NICK ALMIGHTY) Nicholas Bell, popularly known as Nick Almighty, is a fast-rising independent hip-hop/rap artist from North Memphis, Tennessee, who came into the game of music-making to express his ever-burning passion for music. Growing up in a crime stricken neighborhood of Smokey City full of gangs and drugs, he learned to use his situation as a stepping stone for himself, making him an inspiration to be reckoned with. To Nick Almighty, music is fun, so whenever he picks up the mic, there’s no limit to his flair. Soon after releasing his widely-acclaimed new single, ‘Iron Throne’ in April 2020, he will be dropping his new album, ‘Smokey City Raw,’ on May/28th/2021. Nick Almighty is the CEO/Artist at King 5 Music, - an independent label co-owned by Nick Almighty and King Meeteeie. Besides, his music has been featured on multiple blogs and press websites and by Coast 2 Coast DJs. Nick Almighty is constantly striving to create a niche for himself as a hip-hop artist. Want a piece of lyrically rich and meaningful music with great vibes? - Nick Almighty is your go-to. The talented and energetic rapper, best described by his addictive choruses and killer punchlines, will be performing on a 10 city tour called ‘The Linq Up Tour’ from the periods of 5/30/21 until September 2021. Also, he will be hosting an upcoming TV/YouTube series called ‘Bluff City HipHop.’ Seeing people enjoying his music and having a good time is the driving force behind his musical career.


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